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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have, we here at Shepherd Heating and Air Conditioning are happy to help and answer. If it is past office hours, we have our helpline available 24/7 to answer questions you may have.

You should have regular maintenance on your system at least once a year to maintain its full efficiency. Some systems that include Air Conditioners or Heat Pumps may need semi-annual maintenance.

Maintaining your system at its highest efficiency can extend the life of your system and keep operating costs down. It is important to have your system looked at to prevent damages and keep operating cost down.

Heating and cooling technology is constantly growing and evolving, if your system is 7 years or older, you could reduce operating cost by up to 60%. If you have questions about if you should get a new system or how much a new system can save you, give us a call.

If you have one inch filters you should visually inspect them monthly, and change them after having them for three months. If you have four inch filters you should check them quarterly and change them every six months to a year.