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We offer residential and commercial installation of radiant flooring. This system is an extremely efficient way to heat not just the floors but the whole space. This system cuts down on energy consumption and provides a more consistent heat.

Radiant flooring systems can evenly heat buildings and homes for a fraction of the energy cost of traditional forced air systems. Once the radiant flooring is installed, it cannot be seen and operates silently. Due to the design of the system it is great for homes with high ceilings.

Radiant Flooring Installation

There are two ways that radiant flooring is installed. The first is to zigzag loops of resistance wire throughout the different rooms of a house. The second is to have PEX tubing carry hot water from a boiler through the house. These radiant flooring systems can be installed on top of the subfloor on snap-in grids or grooved panels, it can be clipped to the underside of the floor, or embedded in concrete. The floor can be covered by most types of finished flooring, like hardwood and tile.

Benefits of Using Radiant Flooring

There are many benefits to using residential or commercial radiant flooring, such as even heating, energy efficiency, and its longevity.

Simple Installation

To install Radiant Flooring, pipes are looped around the flooring and connected to a water heater or boiler to cycle hot water through the pipes. Installation is typically done during the initial construction process.

Even Heating

Unlike conventional forced-air heating systems, radiant flooring provides a constant heat radiating from the ground. Because of that there aren’t heat discrepancies, such as the air near the floor is cold, but higher up it’s hot.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on how well a house is insulated, a radiant flooring system can be up to 30% more efficient than traditional heating systems.

Built to Last

Radiant flooring now is done with PEX tubing instead of metal, which would corrode and break over time. Now radiant flooring is built to be affordable and last with no problems.

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